• Our Mission

    The Kelly School welcomes and educates all learners. We seek to engage all students in rigorous, dynamic, and fun learning experiences so they develop the agency, academic skills, and knowledge to experience success in school and beyond.

    Our Vision

    Students and adults in the Kelly School will develop the skills, habits, and mindsets needed to become expert learners and leaders who make a positive impact on our community and the world. Students in the Caminos program will graduate 6 th grade bilingual, biliterate, and on-track to graduate having earned the Seal of Biliteracy.

    Our Values

    At the Kelly School, adults and students strive to consistently embody the core values of G.R.I.T:

    • Grit: We persevere. We’re tough and strong.
    • Respect: We respect ourselves, each other, and our community.
    • Integrity: We do the right thing; we choose honesty.
    • Teamwork: We cooperate and communicate.

    All members of the Kelly School community strive to: Be kind! Work hard! Get smart!