• From Principal Lisa Lineweaver

  • Principal Martinello Email: lineweaverl@chelseaschools.com 

    When you walk through the doors of the Kelly Elementary School, I hope you get the feeling right away that this is a special place where both students and staff are happy to learn every day! My family lives in Chelsea and my daughters attend Chelsea schools – so I work hard every day to ensure the Kelly School fulfills the CPS mission of welcoming and educating all students.

    Our school’s mission, vision and values can be found here.

    I began my career in 1998 as a 5 th grade teacher in Williamsburg, VA; earned my Master’s of Education degree at the Harvard Graduate School of Education; and worked with and in Boston Public Schools for 15 years before coming to the Kelly School in 2017. I also served as an elected member of the Chelsea School Committee for eight years.

    If your or your child’s experience at the Kelly School is ever less than excellent, I hope you’ll call or email me so we can work together to make this your child’s best school year ever!