• The Chelsea Public Schools Information Technology Department provides the equipment and services that enable 21st Century instruction and learning, while simultaneously supporting the efficient operations of the public school system.  By building out a strong and reliable network throughout the schools, students are able to use technology to learn and access best in class educational software platforms. Teachers are able to utilize a vast array of online resources and employ the most modern technology to instruct Chelsea's children.

Technology Team

Position & Location Name Email
Chief Technology Officer, Chelsea High School Richard Pilcher pilcherr@chelseaschools.com
Network Administrator, Chelsea High School Quoc Huynh huynhq@chelseaschools.com
Application Support Administrator, Chelsea High School Norma Torres torresn@chelseaschools.com
Web Application Support Administrator, Chelsea High School Manwai Leung leungm@chelseaschools.com
IT Data Specialist, Chelsea High School Mary Arrieta arrietam@chelseaschools.com
District Wide Lead Technician, Middle Schools Alejandro Rivera riveraal@chelseaschools.com
District Wide Technician, ELC Diego Reyes reyesd@chelseaschools.com
District Wide Technician, High School Jesus Maldonado maldonadoj@chelseaschools.com
District Wide Technician, MCB Complex Richard Wong wongr@chelseaschools.com
Digital Learning Coach, Kelly and Sokolowski Schools Mercy Deleidi deleidim@chelseaschools.com
Digital Literacy Coach, Middle Schools Pamela Kessaris kessarisp@chelseaschools.com

  • Technology Department

    Richard E Pilcher, Chief Technology Officer
    299 Everett Ave
    Chelsea, MA 02150
    Phone: 617-466-5005
    Email: pilcherr@chelseaschools.com