• Parent Involvement

  • There are also many ways in which parents can be involved at our schools. Attend a general meeting; get involved in the School Site Council, also attending the Parent Teacher Conferences and volunteer roles we may have during the school year. Even visiting the school, we have an open-door policy and welcome your visit.

    • School Site Council
      • Our School Site Council consist of the following members: the principal, the parent liaison, parent representatives, and teachers. The Council work together through the school year to help improve our school community by developing policies, such as school attendance and tardiness policy, and hosting special events.
      • Our School Site Council meetings take place every second Thursday of each month from 5:15 to 6:15pm at Chelsea High School Room B1205.
      • All are welcome to attend and the minutes from the meetings will be posted on our school main page under announcements every month.
      • Meeting Minutes
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  • Additional Support

  • Here are some important resources for our students who need additional support:

    1. Programs for English Language Learners: The placement and exit criteria for these programs can be found here.
    2. Programs for students with disabilities: District programs and services, and school contacts for IEP and 504 can be found here.