Learner Leadership Council

  • ILP has 2 internal boards that guide the program.  

    The Learner Leadership Council consists (currently) of 28 learners representing 10 ILP classes. Learner leadership council members also serve as peer mentors for their classes and are responsible for:

    • Welcoming new students to their classes and helping them adjust to the classroom environment
    • Guiding new learners through their first week of class
    • Routinely surveying classmates about program satisfaction and ideas for program development, class refinements, and extracurricular activities
    • Meeting monthly to share feedback from classmates
    • Fostering a sense of classroom community 

    The Advisory Council, newly instituted in fall 2019, has 13 members: the advisor/learner leadership coordinator, the program director, 2 former learners who are currently working at the ILP, and 9 learners who are also Learner Leadership Council members. The Advisory Council has responsibility for analyzing survey & evaluation information to plan for program changes & improvements.